When you look for an accountant or an accountancy firm to sort out the accounting side of your business, you are not just looking for an accountant but a business partner. We say that because the right accountant or an accountancy firm will become an integral part of your business, which will guide you and give you advice so your business can grow, and you no longer be a small business owner.

How to choose the right accountant for your small business?

Once you have decided to hire an accountant or an accountancy firm for your business, then the next step is to narrow down your search to look for the right one, with the right experience and someone or an organization that has experience in the industry you are working in.

The first and foremost thing to look out for where your accountant is located. There are number of accounting services in London who you can benefit from, but to have someone near you makes it easier pop in and pop out of the office for any meeting and not waste away the entire day. Next thing is to look for is the fact what kind of accounting software the accountancy firm uses and also the division of workload. Next thing is more functional and has to do with how much money you will have to pay your accountancy firm and in return whether you are getting the help you need to reduce your taxes.

Someone who is proactive about saving you money

Your finances should be handled by someone who is fully experienced in your line of work and knows how to handle the most important part of your business and that is in the best interest of your business. When you look for an accountancy firm, you want someone who would save you time and money and there are accountants out there who will merely look after your account on a yearly basis and only complete your tax forms. There are accountants who are proactive and can suggest their clients how they can save money.

Does Location Matter?

You need to ask yourself whether location matters these days? Because it used to before, but now you can easily communicate with your accountant online and with cloud-based accounting software both of you can monitor identical data at the same time, no matter where you are.

Accountant with relevant expertise

You would want expert accountants to handle your financials with expertise in preparing tax returns and other financial documents. You will have such accountants when you know that they have worked on similar size company and revenue as yours.

If your company uses cloud based accounting system then you would probably want a tech savvy accountant or an accountancy firm that would use the same cloud-based accounting software to make things easier and would make a smooth transition when both entities start working together.