This article explains the different address a business may need or use.



  1. Registered Office Address:

A registered office address is a legal requirement of all types of limited companies incorporated in the UK. The address is provided to the company’s house, at the time of registration.

Generally, it will form part of the public record, which means it will be publically available on the internet. It must be a full address; a post box address cannot be used as a registered office address.

If you are using ACCOTAX – Registered office Address in London, We charge £120 plus vat per year to use our registered office address facility. This includes the following


  • Use Registered Office Address
  • Scanning & Emailing of Documents from Companies House & HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Use our address on the website/Invoices



  1. Business address/Serviced Office Address:


A serviced office address or Business address is the address, where the company is physically based or providing the services from.  It could be the same as the registered office address, or it could be a different address.

If you would like to use our address for services office address, we charge £120 plus vat a year for the service office address facility.

It doesn’t mean that you can use our office address for the VAT purposes.


Service office Address can be used for:

  • To register the company for PAYE
  • To register the company for C.I.S
  • Use of address on Invoices/website etc.


  1. Director’s Service Address:


The director’s address is the address, used by the director for the correspondence purposes with the company’s house & HMRC. In case if companies house or HMRC have any question, they will send letter to our address. If you only take serviced office address facility, we charge £120 plus vat per year.

But if you have taken, Registered as well as serviced office address facility, then we do not charge anything extra for the director’s service office address. In a nutshell, if you get first & second you get 3rd for free.


  1. VAT Address:


Clients are not authorised to use our office address for VAT purposes without written consent. Please note, it is illegal to use our address for VAT purposes without having a written confirmation in place.

For the VAT address, we charge a yearly fee of £480 plus vat a year. This is a completely separate fee than the registered office address & Service Office Address:


  • Use address for VAT Registration
  • Use of address on Invoices/website etc


What you can’t do is if you are using any of the above service is:

  • Get a loan on our premises
  • Get a car, or registered on our office address
  • Carry out any illegal activity
  • Buy any Asset on our address.


The best thing tis to provide information and explain to your bank suppliers that you are usinga virtual office address facility when taking car, loans etc. Failure to do so may lead to legal action.


If you are looking fora registered office address in London, Please get in touch with one of our team members.